Kamala Harris Fails Again At A New Job Assignment

Kamala Harris appears to have been assigned to every failed position in the government. Biden’s ideas are part of the problem, and she isn’t accomplishing anything on the job. According to the reports, she hasn’t communicated with them since her well-publicized visit in June, according to Guatemala’s president. When you don’t show up for work or don’t do anything about it, it doesn’t get done.

Harris has failed yet again at her border job, and now she’s in charge of marketing electric automobiles, which is a no-win situation for her. Electric cars are expensive, require various infrastructure in place, and are otherwise troublesome, so it’s a difficult task. But the question is, how can you make selling them even more difficult? Send out the unpopular individual with a 28% approval rating to campaign for them. But this is not the way to proceed.

Moreover, Harris was meant to be demonstrating how to charge an electric automobile, but she was gripping the cable like a gasoline hose instead. How can people tell whether the gas operates without “sound and fume”? Kamala says it’s only a plug, but people can ignore it.

Once again, it does not inspire trust in those in positions of authority. And it is perplexing that this shouldn’t be the duty of Pete Buttigieg, the Energy Secretary or the Transportation Secretary? Is this part of Buttigieg’s squabble? Regardless, no one would be running out to buy an electric vehicle due to Kamala’s performance.