Kamala Harris Encourages Teen Vogue Readers To Advance Abortion Agenda

In a questionable display of political strategy, Vice President Kamala Harris has taken her mission to spread the Democrats’ abortion-on-demand agenda to teenagers. Speaking to Teen Vogue, she rallied up-and-coming young voters, urging them to champion the cause.

Harris, eager to portray her very young target audience as leaders, emphasized the importance of their voices and perspectives in shaping the future of America.

“You are leaders by virtue of the fact that you are reading this,” Harris asserted, seemingly addressing the teenage audience. “And I’m counting on you because your voice and your perspective is so important to the future of our country.”

Harris highlighted the potential impact of the youth vote, asserting that young people have the power to alter the composition of Congress, ultimately paving the way for federal legislation that enshrines unrestricted abortion access. 

She pointed to perceived victories driven by young voters in states like Kansas and California during the 2022 midterms, using them as examples of the influence they can wield in shaping the political landscape.

Furthermore, Harris urged the young readers to utilize their social media platforms to promote abortion. “Also, use your voice through your social media to remind people who are going through struggles, maybe unwanted pregnancies, to know that they are not alone and that there’s help available to them,” she stated.

Harris’ recent message comes as part of the Biden administration’s abortion agenda in preparation for her and President Joe Biden’s 2024 reelection bid. Reports indicate that she has sought advice from representatives of the abortion industry and other groups to ensure that the pro-abortion message spreads through the United States.

During a speech in Charlotte, North Carolina on Saturday in light of the anniversary of the Roe v Wade ruling, she criticized pro-lifers for attacking what she called “basic health care.”

“How dare they attack basic healthcare! How dare they attack our fundamental rights! How dare they attack our freedom!” she stated, referring to anti-abortion laws that have been effected since the constitutional right to abortion was overturned.