Kamala Harris Close To Hitting Rock Bottom As The Unraveling Continues

Kamala Harris was her own worst enemy throughout her unsuccessful presidential campaign. It didn’t take long for her stratospheric climb to come tumbling down to earth following her first 2019 primary debate performance, during which she launched one contrived attack after another at Joe Biden, to be welcomed with resounding acclaim from the media. However, within a few weeks, her popularity in the polls had plunged. During her second debate, Tulsi Gabbard struck a devastating blow to Harris’s credibility. According to polls done over the summer, most black and female voters were unhappy about her.

According to polls done over the summer, most black and female voters were unhappy about her. Additionally, she withdrew from the campaign of votes cast in December 2019 before the first primary vote.

However, the following summer, her fame again soared after Biden had chosen her to be her vice presidential candidate. Consequently, he was constantly pressed to select a black female democrat as his leading partner for months. Now, two summers later, Harris’ troubles are returning, ranging from her disastrous handling of the border crisis to allegations from past and current colleagues that a diva-esque Harris has always been challenging to work with as well as her priorities are twisted and mixed up.

On the other hand, there are also rumors from various Democratic camps that Harris would not be invited as a campaign surrogate for fragile Democrats in the 2020 midterm elections. Additionally, Harris’ situation has become so terrible that she is no longer considered a viable presidential candidate. Unlike other presidents or vice presidents who have been viewed as a political liability in certain states or districts based on their ratings, Vice President Kamala Harris has now been considered a weakness in some Democracies. Furthermore, she was hailed by the media and pundits alike for her historic first and given the kid-glove treatment throughout her career. Unfortunately, she is now receiving ill-treatment in just seven months after being elected by certain Democratic circles.

Therefore, if Biden decides not to seek re-election but instead enters the campaign to succeed him, she may be in for a long haul. In addition, if Harris cannot influence opinions even inside her political party, she may prove to be an exception. Her inability to receive the nomination would be a source of extreme embarrassment, which would be beyond expression. Although only time will tell how her presidential bid progresses, if her past is any indicator, things won’t get any better, and she would have only herself to blame, not her gender or race. Because, ultimately, Kamala Harris isn’t very excellent at what she’s doing at the end of the day.