“JUSTICE SERVED!” BLM Rioter Gets What He Deserves In Minneapolis

When you break the law, you go to jail and many times prison. Though we saw that 2020 allowed many to riot in the street and burn down buildings, vehicles, and even cities, some accountability still exists in the world.

Matthew Rupert from Galesburg, Illinois, was sentenced to 105 months in federal prison and three years of federal probation for setting a store on fire and handing out Molotov cocktails. The federal charges are still coming for many as the Federal Bureau of Investigations is teaming with local law enforcement agencies to bring dangerous people to justice.

Rupert is 29 years old and traveled hundreds of miles to partake in the chaos on the streets. The idea that the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots were many local people who were tired of their police department’s brutality has long been disputed, and the effort to coordinate attacks between the two groups has been proven.

For months citizens were terrorized by Black Lives Matter and Antifa on the streets and lost everything they worked hard for. People destroyed businesses, vehicles, and houses, just like Rupert, who was focused on bringing as much chaos as possible.

According to the United States District Attorney’s Office District of Minnesota, the investigation into Rupert found that he posted on Facebook, “I’m going to Minneapolis tomorrow who was coming only goons I’m renting hotel rooms.” The article also noted that while on Facebook live, Rupert said he was in Minneapolis, and he was there to riot. Rupert had entered a cell phone retail store and found a safe. Alerting others about the safe, they piled boxes on the floor, and he borrowed lighter fluid from another individual and instructed another to light it. Rupert left the store bragging about lighting the fire, and it was all filmed on Facebook Live.

Rupert had to know that posting the act on Facebook Live would get him caught. It’s ridiculous to think that he would get away with it when he publicly posted himself burning the store down. That can be the danger of social media. We live in a society that brings in a pack mentality, attacks others, and burns things down. Even worse, they feel that they have to alert everyone that it’s happening by posting it online because deep down, they need validation to feel complete.

Quick serotonin hormone reaction in the body keeps people wanting more and more. It’s just like an addictive drug that won’t let go of you. People need that validation to satisfy their need for recognition and validation, but in this case, it came with a 105-month federal prison sentence.

More charges are likely to unfold, and each person is arrested and gives the Federal Bureau of Investigations more information about the incidents and indicts others. If our political leaders would take it more seriously, we could end it for good, but they’re focused on the January 6th riots.