Just Another ‘Shocking Statement’ By Joe Biden

Andy and Rich cover Biden’s Tuesday news conference, the aftermath of the Texas hostage situation, Alvin Bragg, and more on today’s McCarthy Report.

He said that the “local officials and the FBI worked together quite well and performed an excellent job.” He told them he wanted to make sure synagogues and other houses of worship knew they weren’t going to stand for it and that they had the resources to deal with it.

According to President Joe Biden, neither he nor the Attorney General has all the information. However, it was supposedly claimed that the Texas Synagogue Shooter obtained the guns on the street. When he arrived, he bought them. Because Biden doesn’t know all of the details yet, he’s hesitant to go into much more detail. But it appears that the shooter might have spent the first night at a homeless shelter; Joe Biden is not sure what that signifies. And Biden is trying to do that because they haven’t focused as hard as they should on gun purchases, gun sales, and ghost firearms.

A reporter asked Biden, “Do you have any information regarding the intentions of the guy who targeted the synagogue, Mr. President?” and he replied, “No, I don’t think so.” There’s a lot of conjecture, but he’s not going to go into it. At a news conference on Wednesday, he’ll be pleased to go into further detail about what he knows.

“They stand with the United States in protecting their people’ rights and freedoms against those who preach hatred,” UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said. Police have not disclosed if Akram was murdered by the attack squad or committed suicide. According to an FBI special agent, the inquiry into the hostage-taker and his links would “have worldwide reach.” Siddiqui’s lawyer has stated that she was “absolutely not involved” in the hostage crisis and has criticized it.