Judge Jeanine: Joe Biden Has Given A Terrorist Organization Their Nation

The decision by President Biden to withdraw from Afghanistan and provide a terrorist organization to its nation was the subject of the episode on Saturday night’s edition of Justice with Judge Jeanine. Moreover, “Dishonest” and “Dangerous” were the words used by the Fox News presenter to describe Biden.

Judge Jeanine remarked that the world is less secure today than in 2008 when Joe Biden became the president. Furthermore, according to her, Biden is obscure, dishonest, and even perhaps deadly. She believes that Biden favors Afghans with no links to the United States and is not screened above US citizens. One hundred Afghan evacuees are being investigated for terrorism. The world stands by while Biden transports Afghan men into Wisconsin with child brides, pedophilia, human trafficking, abandoning Christians, and young soccer players as slaves. Therefore, Joe Biden has established a nation for terrorist organizations.

However, the American public sees right through Biden’s deceptions. 51% disagree. His popularity is dwindling. In contrast, 60% oppose his Afghanistan strategy. Biden misrepresented for months about Afghanistan. He was making no comments and was unaware of the military superiors’ instructions. Nevertheless, it is all lethal falsehoods.

Moreover, it is believed that Biden has lost control. He disseminates misinformation as reality. Then, unable to respond, turn and stagger away. Rather than that, he dispatched puppets on a string to support his fabrications. His acts violate the oath of office, which requires him to preserve and defend the Constitution and the American people. He assisted and supported the adversary against whom America battled for two decades.

Lately, he withdrew from Bagram and allowed the Taliban to liberate their so-called adversaries, ISIS-K, exposing American forces at Kabul’s airport. Thirteen service personnel went home in caskets due to the enemy’s perimeter control. When the coffins were placed on the tarmac, this heinous display of hatred and inability to care about anybody was created. How can he declare this evacuation a spectacular success?

Joe Biden is like a kidney stone in the political world. Each time it moves, it causes extreme pain. Additionally, as long as that continues, it will generate growing amounts of pain and sorrow.