Joe Biden’s Weakness Is Sending A “Chaotic Message” To The US And The World

Joe Biden campaigned for President at the age of 78, and he is not one of those healthy and wise septuagenarians. Joe knew, his wife knew, and the current White House Chief of Staff, Ron Klain, understood that Biden was not ready for the rigors of a four-year presidency. But here’s who else was aware: China’s President Xi and Russian President Vladimir Putin. They saw a President they could intimidate and whose convictions were flimsy. Vladimir Putin is currently putting Joe Biden to the test in Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin is seizing what he wants while we stand by and watch. Some believe Russia’s President will invade Russian-leaning areas of Ukraine. But, if US troops are unwilling to act to safeguard Ukraine, why make that choice public? Isn’t the threat of military intervention a powerful deterrent?

Moreover, Biden proposes strict measures, but only a restriction on Russian energy exports or exclusion from the SWIFT financial system will devastate the country’s economy. The White House may also be hesitant to blacklist Russia’s largest banks, fearing that the aftermath may spark a financial catastrophe in the West or encourage cyberattacks on their financial institutions. Germany has not consented to such extreme measures. The West is divided, and Putin is well aware of this.

Sanctions on Russia will have ramifications beyond Moscow, and the White House is hoping for a diplomatic solution. As a result, even though Russian aggression intensifies, no counter-measures have been revealed. A reporter inquired why the administration is not imposing sanctions right now, as Ukraine President Zelenskyy has demanded. Their adversaries perceive a weak president devoted to the far-Left, weakening the country from within. Biden has exacerbated racial tensions despite campaigning on a famous vow to bring the country together. He incorrectly describes Republican-led state voter rules as Jim Crow 2.0, and he accuses our law enforcement establishment of racism.

Furthermore, Joe Biden has fought tirelessly to undermine the country’s most important strategic advantage, plentiful, inexpensive energy. He has supported huge federal expenditure, which has resulted in brisk demand and allowed workers to stay at home. As a result of the labor shortage, inflation has reached 40-year highs. Surprisingly, Biden’s approach offers billions more in spending through his Build Back Better initiative.

Therefore Joe Biden’s presidency was defined by his determination that everything Donald Trump did was wrong and needed to be reversed. Many of his predecessor’s efforts were effective; changing the “stay in Mexico” policy was a mistake. Americans are outraged, and rightfully so. Let us hope that the outpouring of rage motivates voters to come out in November and deliver a thrashing to Biden.