Joe Biden’s Obvious Mental Decline Has Now Turned the Spotlight on His Wife

At this time, America is faced with a president who is not even close to being in his right mind. There are so many examples of Biden fumbling, having to be corrected by his White House, shaking hands with thin air, gaffing during public speeches, etc.

Recent polling now shows that more than five in ten Americans have concerns about Biden’s mental state. According to former White House doctor Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX), the president is not in his right mind; however, his fragile mental state does threaten the national security of the United States.

With all the times that Biden’s shown he’s not all there cognitively, there are questions about why those closest to him do not intervene, according to PJ Media.

Not A Good Look For Biden’s Loved Ones

During the 2020 campaign trail, various warning signs of Biden’s declining cognitive abilities emerged. Yet, when his wife, Jill Biden, was questioned about her husband’s clear gaffes and odd behavior, she wouldn’t answer.

In fact, she even went as far as to claim there was nothing to any of this. However, Biden’s behavior even during this week alone is proof to the contrary.

Just this past Thursday, the president was asked about the immigration policy known as Title 42. Yet, Biden seemed to get his wires crossed because he responded when comments about the travel mask mandate that was recently struck down.

As usual, the White House had to later come out and explain what Biden was really trying to say. At this point, the White House spends so much time cleaning up the president’s comments that they’d be better off just speaking for him instead.

Where is Jill Biden in All of This?

Over the Easter holiday, Jill Biden was heard on a hot mic ordering her husband to clap and telling him to wave. This came on top of the White House Easter bunny having to guide Biden and stop him from speaking with reporters.

Many Americans feel that as the wife of the president, Jill Biden should step in and not allow her husband to continue embarrassing himself as he has been. It’s very clear for all to see that Biden’s mental state is a shell of its former self.

This, alone, means he doesn’t have any business trying to lead the White House. The scariest thing of all is that things aren’t going to get any better for Biden.

If his wife, or anyone else close to him had his best interests at heart, they would have him step down from office, effective immediately.