Joe Biden’s Latest Approval Rating Would Make George W. Bush Blush

According to a new survey, President Joe Biden has an approval rating that would make George W. Bush blush. It’s not just the top-line figure that’s abysmal, and the breakdown is far worse. If there was any optimism among Democrats that things would settle down, that does not appear to be the case.

Joe Biden has always been a transitional, compromise candidate who was more of a concept than an actual person. Unlike Barack Obama and Donald Trump, Biden does not appear to have a solid base of support. He was “old Joe,” the kind guy who would give you a high-five at a baseball game and comfort you after your father’s burial.

Joe Biden has now been revealed as a senile, furious old guy with a penchant for ineptitude and a dangerously obstinate disposition. The facade is gone, and because Biden is a poor communicator who can rally the soldiers, he continues to fade.

As the war in Afghanistan fades from the news, President Joe Biden’s name disappears from the headlines. “It’s the economy, stupid,” is an overused phrase, but when inflation soars, gas prices soar, and the stock market soars, people start to pay attention. The images from the border crisis have acted as a sharp reminder of Biden’s total lack of leadership skills.

There is no precedence in history for a president who is this unpopular not to lose Congress in his first mid-term election. Bush was able to cling to power in 2002 because of the outpouring of support in the aftermath of 9/11. Biden has nothing to rally support around, and given the country’s situation, there is a doubt that anything will emerge to do so for him.

With no prominent leader to unify the party and no one to lead it out of disaster, the Democratic alliance is disintegrating.