Joe Biden’s Economic Advisor Brian Deese Defends Comments Understating Inflation

Biden and his economic advisor Brian Deese had stated a few months back that the inflation is merely a slight disruption and will eventually go down once the social spending bill is passed. Deese is also the director of the National Economic Council and downplayed inflation along with Biden, treating it as a short-term issue caused by the pandemic.

Deese appeared on CNN on Sunday. The host, Jake Tapper of the State of the Union, pressed him regarding the comments he made with the President back in June, which minimized the severity of the continuously rising inflation. Biden stated that the inflation will pop up a little but then go back down and that the people should look forward to a great deal. He was referring to the Build Back Better. Deese added to Biden’s comments from a few months ago that the people are overly critical of the inflationary pressures that are only going to last short-term.

Tapper asked Deese on his show quite critically whether he thought Biden and Deese himself were wrong to downplay the inflation as the ‘pop up a little bit and then go back down’ issue considering Biden himself called the rising inflation worrisome. At the same time, the Labor Department’s report revealed a 31-year high inflation record. Deese gave an exact and rather stubborn ‘No’ answer. He then blamed the pandemic and the Delta Variant that has damaged the economy and the health sector.

He also added that the pandemic is a global issue that has caused supply-chain challenges due to the Covid-19. He then reinforced the importance of the Bi-partisan infrastructure bill of $1.7 trillion, calling it a game-changer for the American economy and the solution for the inflationary pressures. Like Biden, Deese too stated that the Americans are too overcome by the inflation and the rising costs that they do not look ahead towards the importance of Build Back Better. Still, they can’t be blamed since the Democrats are now known for not keeping their promises.