Joe Biden’s Approval Hail Mary Lands In The Endzone Without Incident

Biden’s presidency is in danger, especially since the mid-summer following the Afghanistan withdrawal crisis leaving 13 Americans dead. The withdrawal from Afghanistan was the turning point in Biden’s presidency, and from there, his approval ratings started dropping, making a record of lowest ratings for the first-term President.

In a recent Civiqs survey, President Joe Biden received as low as 37% approval ratings as reported by RedState. USA Today reported the approval at 38% just a few days ago. When asked for an explanation of such low approval ratings, the administration could only give two excuses. One was that the media is suppressing their progress and greatness by suppressing the facts and not explaining things well, or in other words, there is a messaging problem. The second one is that the Americans are upset with Biden because he hasn’t gotten his plan through and not due to the outcome of his policies as many predicted. The claim extended from the Virginia race. Some people asserted that the bipartisan infrastructure bill passed the congress before the election. Terry McAuliffe would’ve beaten the Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin. Utterly ridiculous excuses, and they expect us to buy this.

The bi-partisan bill passed with the help of some Republicans on November 5th, but Biden’s ratings haven’t recovered much since then. The loss in the Virginia Race was because people were sick of the Democrats not living up to their promises and making life complicated by the day. Not many people care about climate initiatives with hiking inflation and rising gas prices in the upcoming winter. If the 80-year-old President wants to survive, he will have to change his ways. He may have to start by giving the green light to Keystone XL, getting a hold on spending, and reducing regulations to avoid a supply chain crisis. But it’s too late for the President to change who he is now.