Joe Biden ‘Yells’ At The Reporters When Asked ‘Serious’ Questions About The Economy, Border And Political Issues

Last Monday, Joe Biden maintained his pattern of yelling at reporters when he labeled NBC’s Lester Holt a “smart person” for pointing up his previous inflation statements. While Biden’s conversation with Holt was more cordial in a prepared interview that aired in its entirety on Sunday, he has regularly shown displeasure and antagonism toward reporters in his little more than a year in office.

He blasted a reporter a “dumb son of a b*tch” for asking if inflation will be a political issue in the run-up to the midterm elections. Another reporter questioned him about his inflammatory statements, in which he compared political opponents to segregationist heroes such as George Wallace and Bull Connor.

Moreover, in June, Joe Biden screamed at a reporter when she asked if he trusted Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop his nefarious conduct. He snarled, “No, he didn’t say that.” Please take note of what he said. Tell if people believe he was labeled by everyone who voted in favor of Bull Connor’s viewpoint Bull Connor.

“However, given his previous behavior, how does it account for a constructive meeting?” Collins asks. He rejects any involvement in hacking, downplays human rights violations, and refuses to mention the name of the opposition leader.

President Joe Biden told News, “If they don’t comprehend it, they’re in the wrong industry.” He quickly apologized for being a “smart person” to Collins. Even when expressing dissatisfaction with their queries, some of his comments at reporters have taken on a jocular tone. He is, however, always willing to answer ice cream-related queries.

It’s not just that he is old and cranky. And it’s not just that he’s showing clear signs of dementia. He has always been wrong about important issues, and he has always been dishonest. Put them all together, and they have a national security threat of epic proportions.