Joe Biden: Women Are Unable To Reach Their God-Given Potential Without Right To Abortion

Joe Biden claims that without unrestricted abortion, women cannot “live up to their full God-given potential.” On March 8, the world celebrates International Women’s Day, which focuses on the lives of women and girls. According to Biden, women encounter impediments that restrict their opportunities far too often and in many areas.

President Joe Biden started an all-out assault on newborns from his first weeks in office. He revoked the Mexico City Policy, which prohibited foreign funding from abortion-related groups. In addition, he lifted the Trump administration’s ban on supporting abortionists via the Title X family planning program. Weeks later, Obama established the White House Gender Policy Council, whose aims include promoting abortion both at home and overseas.

Moreover, Joe Biden’s claim that women couldn’t “live up to their full God-given potential” unless they could have an abortion or two is entirely false. Women are not compelled to have children. They are the only ones who have the potential to give birth to a kid. However, they are not permitted to have sexual relations without committing the crime of sexual assault.

What is clear is that if kids are terminated, they will not live up to their God-given potential. This “limiting factor” keeps them from becoming all they could be far too often, perhaps 43,000,000 times every year globally. Oh, and if everyone celebrating Women’s Day had been a victim of “reproductive rights,” i.e., aborted, none of them would have been alive to celebrate.

People are sick and tired of euphemisms, outright falsehoods, emotional manipulation and evil being called suitable and well-branded corruption. Babies require “the right to a life that others created but now aim to annihilate.” It is not kids that must be terminated, but the belief that they can replace God.