Joe Biden Will Hold His “First Formal” Press Conference Since March 2021

Joe Biden will be in the hot seat for his first formal news conference since March 2021 on Wednesday, as Americans seek answers on a variety of policy issues. On Friday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said, “The President looks forward to speaking directly to the American people.” “I hope to see him there,” she expressed her excitement.

While Biden occasionally accepts questions from journalists, he usually exits the stage to avoid being questioned by the press. The White House’s decision to hold the news conference at this time is a farce.

President Joe Biden has had his worst week since the war in Afghanistan. The Supreme Court struck down the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s vaccine or testing rule on a 6-3 ruling. Election reform and large-business coronavirus vaccination requirements were two critical issues on the administration’s agenda that blew up in their faces.

According to Axios, Arizona Rep. Kyrsten Sinema and West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin visited with President Joe Biden on Thursday night in a last-ditch effort to urge him to break the filibuster. Both senators favor the bill, but they are adamant that eliminating the filibuster to approve it would be counterproductive. Democrats have even used public intimidation and humiliation to further their agendas, with some progressives accusing her of racism for opposing the filibuster.

President Joe Biden has a reputation for being irritable with journalists, regardless of their political views. After Kaitlan Collins posed a question regarding Russia in June, he informed her she was “in the wrong business,” He subsequently apologized. Despite his desire for Americans to believe otherwise, he has not earned the title of “Mr. Transparent.”

Furthermore, without notes or a teleprompter, Joe Biden will have to answer questions on anything from the economy to the pandemic. Will he be able to do it in a calm and precise manner? Progressives are furious, conservatives are perplexed, and the White House is in crisis due to recent policy failures. In other words, the Biden Administration is putting itself in a position to fail.