Joe Biden Wields A Weapon In The Form Of The Federal Trade Commission

In the Brandon administration’s latest show of courage, the FTC is now asking nine blue-chip retailers like Amazon and Walmart to explain why it’s their fault Brandon’s policies are causing inflation.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Monday ordered nine of the biggest retailers in the United States to turn over records within 45 days to help the agency study the disruptions to the supply chain that the agency said are “causing serious and ongoing hardships for consumers and harming competition in the U.S. economy.”

In a probe so wide-ranging, it probably made Kamala Harris dream she was acting vice president again. The FTC is looking at Walmart, Amazon, Kroger, C&S Wholesale Grocers, Associated Wholesale Grocers, McLane, Procter & Gamble, Tyson Foods, and Kraft Heinz.

Writing for Fox News Business, Daniella Genovese reported that the FTC is investigating bottlenecks, shortages, and so-called anti-competitive practices.

Quoted in the Fox Business report, FTC Chair Lina Khan said, “Supply chain disruptions are upending the provision and delivery of a wide array of goods, ranging from computer chips, medicines to meat and lumber.” Consumers and businesses already know Khan is right when they have to pay higher prices for the basket.

But as Monica Showalter pointed out Thursday at the American Thinker, Khan and the FTC are going on a fishing expedition with their hopes for this order to retail blue chips: “I am hopeful the FTC’s new study will shed light on market conditions and business practices that may have worsened these disruptions or led to asymmetric effects.”

Showalter’s summation is a more realistic characterization of what Brandon’s FTC is up to. She avers the federal agency is mere, “looking for evidence that these red-state companies are raising prices and keeping store shelves bare just for the heck of it, if not to make Joe Biden look bad or something.”

Why would they go in search of something so patently ridiculous, Monica? “The FTC is looking to pin something on these companies to blame them for the supply chain woes that are the Biden administration’s as well as Democrat-run states’ doing.”

Politics is not collective, selective amnesia, always happening at curious times. Did Brandon’s White House and the rest of the polity forget that businesses of every kind, the world over, were forced by government actors to operate on skeleton crews and under the most restrictive regulatory burdens for the last two years when they were not forbidden from working altogether for the better part of 2020?

Now that the Brandonists have gotten the policies they insisted were essential to the survival of perhaps millions and millions of Americans after the outbreak of SARS in Wuhan in Jan 2020, and are afraid to tell voters in the upcoming 2024 midterm elections that they have to pay for it. Why should they take the political consequences of the buyer’s remorse an increasing number of moderates feel? Americans see what Covid hysteria was more clearly as time wears on and the Covid Contingent’s attempts to fake reality wear out.

They won’t be fooled that rising prices aren’t a tax on them by the delicate, decent people they just elected to replace the Trump team.