Joe Biden Tells Another ‘Blatant Lie’ And Descends Into ‘Babbling’

On President Joe Biden’s website, there should be a counter for how many days he can go without lying because it seems like he says a new falsehood almost every day. Others are trying to puff themselves up individually as if they have something in common with the individuals they’re speaking with.

While speaking to construction workers in Maryland on Friday, Biden uttered a massive whopper that fits into the second category. “Unless the stuff he’s purchasing for the American people was created in America, they ain’t buying it,” Biden declares, “They ain’t buying it.” Then there are those about his activities or policies, such as the assertion that Build Back Better is free.

Moreover, Biden’s COVID tests were manufactured in China, and he purchased them straight from a Chinese business, paying them more than $1.28 billion for millions of the tests. So, after all they’ve done with COVID, Biden has benefited China. Imagine the audacity required to deceive like this.

According to Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida) and Rep. Buddy Scott, Joe Biden’s Administration gives over $1.3 billion in American funding to a corporation in Communist China. “It’s a travesty that the Biden Administration is ready to assist the Communist Chinese economy instead of the American economy,” Rubio argues. “Given China’s clear dishonesty over COVID,” he continues, “It’s appalling.”

The reports warned the workers not to leap out of the hole if they collapsed. Despite assuring us it’s a “patriotic responsibility,” Biden is seen in a mask. Except, of course, he doesn’t have to. But the question is, where does that mask Karen who went after Gov. Glenn Youngkin go when they need her?