Joe Biden Takes Medical Care Away ‘From People In Need’ To Those ‘Who Don’t’

Medical triage is required when medical resources are insufficient to fulfill all immediate patient demands in a given place. When three troops are bleeding profusely after combat, and only one surgeon is available, the doctor must prioritize who receives treatment. President Biden’s latest declaration takes medical care away from people who need it and provides it to those who don’t.

According to the reports, Joe Biden said that 1,000 military physicians and nurses would be transferred to civilian hospitals to help with COVID-19 vaccines. According to the CDC, Omicron accounts for 73% of all new COVID-19 cases. That individual was in the high-risk category, meaning he had major medical concerns. In the whole United States, there has only been one death. The findings imply that this type of COVID-19 is far less damaging to one’s health than the delta variation, which was previously considered significantly worse.

COVID-19, the brainchild of Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci, is acting like other viruses, evolving and becoming less effective with each new strain. But why is Biden getting ready to fight Omicron like it’s Ebola? They instill fear among Americans to legitimize authoritarian, if not dictatorial, policies and acts.

Furthermore, thousands of healthcare employees have been dismissed for believing in “my body, my choice,” which is why there aren’t enough of them. They were prepared to pay the price for expressing their medical freedom during Biden’s period of medical dictatorship by refusing to be injected with experimental gene therapy. While waiting in line for medical attention, our veterans are practically dying.