Joe Biden Speaking From Both Sides of His Mouth

Many Americans are old enough to remember when Joe Biden spoke about the need to unify a divided nation. Biden talked a good game about putting aside the partisan differences that exist between Republicans and Democrats.

However, the contrasts between Biden’s rhetoric on this issue and his talking points today are staggering. Even before the president was ripping into Trump supporters as “semi-fascists,” he accused GOP senators who support the filibuster of being like segregationists.

Biden’s been panned on numerous occasions for first speaking of unity and healing, only to later throw these values out the window when it’s politically expedient for Democrats.

Now, the president is once again being called out for speaking from both sides of his mouth.

It’s Not Looking Good
As the midterm elections get close, Biden’s been upping his rhetoric against Trump, Trump supporters, the GOP, and basically anyone else who isn’t on board with Democrats.

The White House has doubled down on claims that “MAGA Republicans” are threatening democracy with their “semi-fascism.” Now, the president is gearing up for another speech coming on Thursday, this one being a speech that focuses on the “soul” of the United States today.

During this speech, Biden’s expected to stress the need for healing. However, the president and his allies seem to miss the irony of this. The same president who will soon profess the need to heal America’s “soul” doesn’t mind demonizing tens of millions of Americans who voted for his political rival.

The president can’t have it both ways. He can either be for unity or he can trash his political opponents in the hopes of Democrats winning the midterms.

For as much as Biden often claims he’s for the former, his conduct shows that when push comes to shove, he’s got no issues with the latter.

Desperation in Plain Sight
Many conservatives and Trump supporters have expressed that Biden’s increasingly aggressive attacks on the GOP are a show of desperation.

At the end of the day, Democrats have dropped the ball on the economy, immigration, education, and other pressing matters impacting Americans’ daily lives. Polls show that Democrats are likely to lose at least one congressional chamber, if not both.

To many Americans, Biden’s strategy appears to be demonizing Republicans in order to take attention away from Democrats’ failures. Time will tell how well this serves the Democrat Party in November.