Joe Biden OVERRULED The Military Advice And Ordered Kabul, Not Bagram To Be Used For Evacuating Afghanistan

One of the ongoing rumors about Biden’s poorly implemented evacuation from Afghanistan is that the Kabul airport, i.e., the Hamid Karzai International Airport (HKIA), was the most suitable airbase to be used as an evacuation center by the U.S. troops. It justified the abandonment of the Bagram airbase.

U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, also believed that keeping the Bagram airbase during Afghanistan was complex. It would require a magnitude of U.S. military soldiers to manage it solely. Therefore, after a comparative tactical analysis of the consequences of giving up the HKIA airbase versus the Bagram airbase, it was decided by Scott Miller and others that it would be easier for the U.S. military to operate from the HKIA airbase. It was because HKIA would require a comparatively smaller number of troops to manage it. But Scott Miller’s alleged involvement in this decision is still not confirmed, as many suspect that he was against the closing of the Bagram airbase.

In addition to this, evacuating the Bagram airbase is still being criticized. Many people believe that it had more advantages than the military being familiar with operating it, its greater capacity to accommodate aircraft and the availability of advanced military infrastructure. Also, the fact that Bagram is situated on the outskirts of Kabul would make it easier for the army to defend its premises and help avoid angry-mob situations like those at HKIA. Even now, the possibility of operating evacuations from Bagram seems more profitable if the evacuees could be transported to it, as it would serve as an alternate base to continue evacuations in case of any more crises in Kabul.

As a result, Biden is now receiving severe criticism for his ill-planned and short-sighted abandonment of the Bagram airbase, even though the military forces had allegedly advised him against this action. Joe Biden was stuck on the irrational idea of operating with 600 marines in Afghanistan which were insufficient to manage Bagram, forcing the transition to Kabul airport. While elaborating on Biden’s incompetence, Republican congress member Mike Waltz shared that Biden’s ill-informed decision to abandon Bagram has also resulted in the release of thousands of terrorists held at the Bagram prison. And now, he’s also keeping the forces from safely rescuing citizens who are located outside Kabul. But the fact that military leaders were unable to contest Biden’s incompetent decisions for Afghanistan further justifies how the evacuation operation of Afghanistan was poorly planned on so many fronts.

In light of the recent events, a Marine battalion commander torched the incompetence of the line of command for the Afghan operation. LTC Stuart Scheller heavily criticized the command line for abandoning the Bagram airbase before evacuating American civilians in Afghanistan. It is incredibly disappointing that those in power in America failed to identify and counter such poor decisions, as it appears that they preferred their careers over the safety of their citizens.