Joe Biden Needs To Get It Together

Joe Biden seems to be astonished and outraged over his low popularity. Many things are contributing to his present situation, but the elephant in the room is that many Americans have lost faith in their government.

Joe Biden enjoys blaming others for America’s issues, but he fails to see that being president comes with a lot of baggage. Joe must accept the baggage and go to work if he is to succeed at the job he so desperately desired. Harry Truman, one of Biden’s predecessors, had a motto on his desk that said, “The buck stops here.”

Moreover, Joe Biden and his aides appear to believe they are so clever that they can spin their way out of any issue.

When considering what he has done since January 2021, it feels as though Biden is more of a hijacker than a president. He has taken control of the ship and he’s not taking us where we’re trying to go.

Joe Biden has to stop listening to spin doctors and start listening to the public. He should respect the public if he wants their respect. But the way he’s performing now, his poll numbers will only go lower.