Joe Biden Just Presented Republicans With A 2022 Gift, Complete With A Gleaming Red Bow

Even if he does come out as the traditional Angry Man, Joe Biden is a horrible speaker for whatever message he’s attempting to convey. At least Terry McAuliffe seems coherent most of the time. Like Virginia Democratic gubernatorial contender Terry McAuliffe, President Biden fails to communicate his party’s political agenda on television and radio.

Joe Biden has been accused of being a terrible party ambassador. Still, in this case, he presented Republicans with a nicely wrapped gift, replete with a gleaming red ribbon, just in time for the upcoming 2022 midterm elections. “Anyone would prefer as awful as things are in terms of pricing affecting families now, anyone would exchange this Thanksgiving for last Thanksgiving,” Biden remarked in answer to a question about inflation and the cost of everything under the sun going up.

Most Americans were able to get the food they required for their meals last year at this time, and finding gifts to place beneath the Christmas tree was not difficult. Things are not only more costly this year as a result of Bidenomics, but they are also tougher to come by. It’s so awful that Vice President Kamala Harris said during a summer trip abroad that people should strive to purchase items early in the hopes of receiving them by Christmas.

Furthermore, The White House’s pandemic fear tactics, along with Democrats’ insistence on never-ending government “help” packages, have resulted in record-breaking numbers of individuals leaving the workforce each month, exacerbating the supply chain issue.

So far, Joe Biden has been a dismal failure at “rescuing” this country from its ills. When you rely on mysterious co-presidents and self-important wokesters to tell you how to manage things, this is what occurs. Elections are the most effective tool for communicating our satisfaction or dissatisfaction with candidates and elected officials at all levels of government.

Moreover, Joe Biden confessed on a global platform today that the economy in America is poor right now, and the GOP should use that statement in every campaign ad they can in the future. Nothing else will matter if the economy isn’t humming along as it had begun to under previous President Trump, even in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak. Joe Biden will be toast, and his political party will suffer as a result.