Joe Biden Job Approval 10 Points Worse Than Obama During Presidency

According to a rating average recorded by RealClearPolitics, President Joe Biden’s deteriorating job approval rating is 10 points worse than former President Barack Obama at the same stage in his term (RCP). When Obama took office on October 11, his first year in office, the RCP average indicated that he had a higher job approval rating than Biden currently possessed. Biden served as Obama’s vice president throughout the entirety of his eight-year tenure in office.

RCP gave Obama a 53% overall job approval rating, a ten-point increase over the present president. At the time of the poll, Obama had a 40% disapproval rating. The average approval-disapproval rating for Biden by the RCP is nearly identical to that of the last president, with 52.5 percent disapproving and 43 percent approving of his job performance, resulting in a more considerable approval-disapproval margin for him. Despite a lower deficit than under the previous president, the current government still has a 9.5-point advantage.

When comparing the two presidents at this point in their respective terms, roughly nine months apart, there is a clear ten-point difference in how respondents felt about them at the same point in their terms when they were in office for the same amount of time in their respective terms. RCP calculates its average figures by combining poll results from various sources, including the Trafalgar Group, Quinnipiac University, Rasmussen Reports, and the Economist/YouGov survey.

However, people believe that Biden’s approval rating is supposed to be far lower than that. Because he is ineligible to be President of the United States, he is taking the country down the road to becoming a communist third world country. Therefore, Biden should be removed from office.