Joe Biden Isn’t The Next FDR, He’s The Next Jimmy Carter

Ever since President Joe Biden took control of the Presidential office, the country has been suffering from one problem after the other. He joined the office under the unfortunate circumstances of a pandemic which he promised to shut down but has failed miserably. Inflation has been rising daily along with taxes and thousands of unemployed, and on top of that, the Southern Border situation is just cherry on top.

The people of America are not entirely pleased with the President, but now he gets criticized by the world. Biden ordered for the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan as soon as he joined office without securing the afghani citizens that helped the US military and were captured and brutally executed on the streets as the Troops evacuated. The chaotic withdrawal can be compared to Jimmy Carter’s Iran situation as there isn’t much difference between the two.

Carter had good relations with the Shah of Iran. Still, as the religious extremists started a revolution and spread the anti-American narrative, he cut off all ties with the Shah and did not allow him to take asylum in the country. Later under political pressure, he had to let the Shah receive medical treatment in the country but failed to secure the Americans in Iran whom the Irani revolutionaries took hostage for 444 days. Carter did not work clever and could not plan out his strategy, and Biden seems to be following in his footsteps. His relentless remarks about having nothing to do with Afghanistan are putting him under fire as his hasty orders endangered the US diplomats in the country and threatened the Afghani US allies.

But in all this, at least Carter has an excuse of not having the experience. Biden has an immense amount of political experience and has remained in the office before as the Vice-President, yet he failed to act rationally. Many are now even calling Biden worse than Carter.