Joe Biden Is ‘Turning’ Rural Pennsylvania Into Afghan Refugee ‘Dumping Site’

According to Republican Jim Bognet, President Joe Biden has turned rural Pennsylvania into a “dumping site” for Afghan migrants. According to News, since mid-August 2021, the Biden Administration has sent over 76,000 Afghans to the United States for relocation across 46 states. Former Presidents have endorsed the project, which the federal government and non-governmental organizations are aiding.

According to Bognet, the Biden Administration brings hundreds of unvetted Afghan migrants into a small hamlet in northeast Pennsylvania (R-Pennsylvania). He added that local law enforcement has “no notion who these folks are” and does not have access to their criminal histories or vaccination status. He told the News that they didn’t know who they were.

The Biden Administration has continued to suppress Afghans’ criminal backgrounds and links to terrorism. Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas has confessed that “not all” Afghans traveling in the United States are personally scrutinized. In Virginia, an Afghan man was recently convicted of abusing a three-year-old daughter at Marine Corps Base Quantico.

Moreover, domestic violence by Afghan males has become so widespread at numerous US military locations where Afghans are stationed that the government has dispatched “gender advisors” to assist. In September 2021, an Afghan man was detained at Fort McCoy for allegedly assaulting 12-year-old youngsters and murdering his wife. “They’re treating rural, red America like a dumping site,” Bognet says.

Rep. Matt Cartwright, a Democrat from Pennsylvania, has contributed more than $13 billion in public money to President Joe Biden’s Afghan resettlement project. With Cartwright’s cooperation, the Biden Administration has assured that the Afghan resettlement program has no precise end date and seeks to integrate thousands more Afghans into American neighborhoods. “People are wary of being treated like second-class citizens and a dumping ground,” says Bognet.

Refugee resettlement costs taxpayers roughly $9 billion every five years. Throughout a lifetime, taxpayers spend around $133,000 each refugee, and approximately 16% of them will require taxpayer-funded housing aid within five years of resettlement. Nearly a million refugees have been relocated to the United States in the previous 20 years, more than twice the number of people residing in Miami, Florida.