Joe Biden is Lying About Savings Accounts and Debt

The economy of the United States, for all intents and purposes, is on its way off a cliff.

Americans are postponing years-long plans they’ve made for retirement. Families across the country are spending multiple times more on gas than they’ve spent in previous years; that’s not to mention the rising costs of groceries and other essentials.

One poll after the next has shown the economy is a top concern in the minds of the American people. It will also significantly impact how folks vote in the midterm elections.

Despite all of these documented and consistent economic problems, Joe Biden has a very different perception. According to the current president, Americans are just thriving when it comes to their finances.

Breaking Down Biden’s Admitted Views on the Nation’s Economy
On Friday, Biden put out a series of falsehoods about current economic conditions, falsehoods that are astounding even for him.

The president stood before the country and declared that a “robust” economic recovery has been accomplished amid his leadership. Biden would later go on to incorrectly claim that debt is down, savings accounts are greater, and financial comfort is up since he got into office.

This stunned many Americans, causing some people to question whether the president is living in an alternate universe of sorts.

Multiple economists are saying a recession is coming. Just earlier this week, the BlackRock CEO stated inflation will remain with the nation for years on end.

Yahoo Finance even recently reported significant drops that have happened and are anticipated in Americans’ rates of saving money. Meanwhile, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics confirms wages are on a downward spiral and being outdone by inflation.

During the first quarter of this year alone, nationwide credit card debt surged up to $15.84 trillion, a major climb from the initial rate of $266 billion.

An Avalanche of Negative Feedback
As of Saturday morning, “#FJBiden” was trending on Twitter. The content of these tweets is full of Americans calling out the direct lies that Biden spread on Friday.

Many people claimed the president is either delusional, getting bad intel from his advisers, or simply trying to gaslight the nation.

Whichever it is, Americans who are living in the real world have pointed out the true reality of what they’re up against.

Another common theme amongst criticism of Biden is how much people miss the leadership and presidency of Donald Trump.