Joe Biden is Dodging Questions from the Media

Over a year ago, when the Biden administration first entered the White House, one of its promises to the American public was to be an administration of transparency.

The White House then took shots at the Trump administration and vowed that, under Biden, the American people would never go without clear answers.

Of course, these were empty words. The reality is that the Biden administration is one of the least transparent White Houses to ever control the federal government.

This is an administration that repeatedly tells lies when it suits them and prefers to keep Americans in the dark about questionable (and likely criminal) deeds committed by Hunter Biden, the president’s son.

As the Biden administration drags on, transparency is becoming even harder to come upon. This explains why the president is now openly dodging questions from the media, as covered by Twitchy.

Not a Good Look

This past Friday, Biden had a press event at the White House where he talked about the conversation he had with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Biden’s talk with Jinping comes amid the war in Europe and America’s interest in China not providing any aid to Russia.

After the president finished his speech, he was naturally asked some questions by the reporters in attendance. Yet, for some odd reason, Biden didn’t feel the need to respond to any of these questions.

Before leaving the podium, the president was seen strangely flipping through various pieces of paper as the press tried to get his attention. Later, Biden simply walked away and left the media hanging.

This has not been well-received by the public at all. Biden was slammed for refusing to provide a single question, especially due to his administration’s purported commitment to transparency.

It certainly doesn’t work in the president’s favor to blow off the press when one poll after the next shows most of the country disapproving of his leadership. If anything, Biden should be answering questions and trying to rebuild the trust he’s damaged.

The Underlying Reason?

When Biden first got into the White House, his aides worked very hard to keep him from speaking with the media.

At some point, after much public backlash, Biden was finally let into the fray and allowed to speak. And as the president’s unfiltered interactions with the media grow in frequency, so do his various blunders.

After all, just days ago, Biden confused his own wife with the vice president. There’s a very real likelihood the president’s handlers told him not to take questions from the media on Friday.