Joe Biden Has Earned the Contempt of Ukraine’s President

Whenever Joe Biden starts talking, he has the troubling tendency to take situations from bad to worse.

Just last week alone, Biden spoke in Europe, declaring that America would send troops into Ukraine and even hit Russia with chemical weapons if the regime unleashed these weapons on Ukrainians. Biden also asserted that Russian President Vladimir Putin just cannot be enabled to keep holding onto power.

After each statement, the White House came out, corrected Biden, and was forced to let the world know that what Biden “really” meant was slightly off from what he said.

Meanwhile, as the US president makes these gaffes and forces his administration to repeatedly clean up the messes he’s made, all Biden’s really doing is poorly representing America before the entire.

This explains why Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s reaction to Biden’s remarks in Europe was less than positive, according to Red State.

A Deep Dive Into Zelenskyy’s Take on Biden’s Speech

Following Biden’s disastrous remarks in Europe, Zelenskyy openly unleashed on his American counterpart.

According to the president of Ukraine, Biden is lacking bravery and his speech amounted to nothing more than just talk. To this end, Zelenskyy’s pushback against Biden also extended to other Western leaders and NATO.

Ultimately, Zelenskyy’s view is that with all Ukrainians are putting on the line to ward off attacks from the Russian government, the least Biden, the West, and NATO could do is be unified in helping stand up against Russia.

Finally, the Ukraine president noted that he’s ongoingly in touch with various fighters in his country. Zelenskyy’s view is that both the West and NATO would do well to show even an iota of the courage coming from Ukrainians during these difficult times.

Another Troubling Pattern

At the end of the day, if Biden was trying to impress his Ukrainian counterpart with the speech he made in Europe, he failed.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy isn’t the only one, either. Other US allies who witness Biden’s continuous mistakes in the foreign policy department can’t help but wonder whether America is still reliable.

Biden is not offering assurance to US allies or even prioritizing America’s best interests. Instead, he’s cozying up to enemy nations like Iran that are openly against the United States and everything we stand for.

If Trump were currently in office, Ukraine likely wouldn’t be at war with Russia to begin with. Biden set this thing in motion last year with how he dealt with Afghanistan. At the rate things are going, next on the chopping block will be Taiwan, courtesy of the Chinese Communist Party.