Joe Biden Goes ‘Way Off-Script’ In Speech And Causes Heads To Be ‘Scratched’

Day after day, Joe Biden’s public appearance leaves many people perplexed. Despite this, his episodes of senile dementia are perpetually noteworthy. Biden is heard employing his scary voice once more. The public is confused as to what he feels he does here. This morning, it was reported that Biden officials were concerned about the president’s public appearances and penchant for deviating from the script. They now muffle, even silence his voice when he speaks.

However, it is the conclusion of the speech that is notable. Biden chose to reiterate that he is expected to pause and exit the room. That in and of itself is strange. However, the primary concern is who is issuing these directives to the president? As well as, is the requirement to vacate the room pre-programmed into his teleprompter?

However, Biden then mumbles something about “walking into the room” when he exits the room. The public is just puzzled as a result of President Biden’s behavior. It is all illogical. However, Biden’s poll numbers are plummeting, and is continuing to let him out of the cellar to put on displays like these the wisest course of action? He is undoubtedly exacerbating worries about his mental health.

Furthermore, despite the State Department’s clear admission today that Americans are being held captive by the Taliban in Afghanistan, Biden did not mention the present situation in his talk. When confronted with a severe foreign policy problem, the White House’s response denies the issue exists. What kind of leadership is that? On second thought, given Biden’s current abilities, believing he is entirely aware of what is occurring may be a stretch.