Joe Biden Gave The ‘Most Dishonest’ And ‘Disgusting Speech’

Joe Biden’s speech was for you if you like dishonesty and general disgust. On January 6, he stood before Congress, denouncing President Trump, defending voter fraud, demanding more of it, and calling it “democracy.” His speech was a defense of his right to power, fair or foul. Andrea Widburg describes the sad spectacle’s Academy Award-worthy quality.

Several things stand out, none pleasant. He hired a political consultant to profile which words would enrage President Trump. “Failure,” “didn’t win,” and “lost” were frequently used, as any good political profiler would advise. Those were deliberate words. It’s now clear that his goal in that speech was to annoy President Trump and insult his supporters, not to “defend democracy.” When did we have a president like this? Disgusting.

His claims that democracy, the people’s will, and the Constitution were under attack were also false. We all know he hates democracy. No school and no flights for you because of the vax mandate president. Illegals are exempt and do not need ID to fly. Law? He doesn’t care. He ignores court orders and does as he pleases. Constitution? These people oppose the Constitution. People’s will? Not now, when he’s in office by fraud in a stolen election, and his poll numbers perfectly reflect it.

Is America’s promise alive? Democracy’s said the man surrounded by wokesters, statue-toppers, CRT commissars, and Chicom propagandists? These creatures despise America. They want to destroy America. They want our staff to expropriate and create a new nomenklatura out of the carcass of American democracy. As usual, Peggy Noonan, pre-NeverTrump, clearly borrowed those phrases Joe Biden plagiarized, clad in Reaganism phrases.

No love for your country unless you win? Oh, boy. Let’s hope he says it at the midterms in November 2022. He didn’t “win.” He cheated. Many states have passed election reform laws in response to allegations of ballot harvesting and other legitimate electoral abuses. Arizona held hearings and found many unresolvable problems due to lost or tainted evidence. Georgia is now investigating ballot harvesting, which is illegal in the state, with one character claiming to have earned $45,000 for his efforts. Jay Valentine, a regular contributor to American Thinker, has uncovered years of fraud in many blue (and occasionally red) states. The recent election fraud in New Jersey does not inspire confidence that election fraud is gone. In her new bestselling book Rigged, Molly Hemingway exposes Mark Zuckerberg’s social media manipulations and buck-slinging.