Joe Biden Fearmongers About Climate Change In California

You won’t believe what President Joe Biden said in California about the wildfires that ravaged the state. Wait, scratch that, yes you will. Because being an elite Democratic politician means never having to say you’re sorry and never letting a good crisis go to waste.

While making a stop in California, Joe Biden flew off the handle, yelling at a group of local officials about climate change. “It’s not a joke,” the president kept repeating dementedly, and “It’s a reality.” The president was making a tour through the Golden State to survey the recent devastating fire damage that swept over many parts of California.

Instead of acting as a counselor and comforter and offering whatever support the federal government is obligated to provide in emergencies such as this based on its organization with the states, Joe Biden took the opportunity to yell at the wildfire victims and grandstand about climate change to score cheap political points pandering to all the people who pretend like they care about the environment to feel better about themselves and show off to all their friends.

Could you imagine what the reaction would have been if George W. Bush had taken Air Force One down to New Orleans after Katrina and met with the local leaders there? At the same time, people were still displaced from their homes, only to yell at them and say this is all their fault because of climate change?

And where is the science to back up Joe Biden’s claims? “It’s not a joke.” “This is not a joke.” Okay, we heard you, Joe. Then if it’s not a joke, tell us what the scientific evidence is that artificial climate change is responsible for increased wildfires in California? That is a spurious claim, and studies by even climate scientists who believe in anthropogenic global warming (artificial climate change) have stated explicitly that climate change is not a factor causing wildfires in California. It does not make them more likely to occur.

But leave it to the double-masking, vaccine-mandating Bidenists to wrap their agenda-driven politics in the mantle of environmentalist concern and prudence. That’s what these career politicians and their pseudo-intellectual vanguard in academia and the media do for a living.

They take old Marxist goals of forcefully regulating and taking over productive businesses and repackage them as necessary to redistribute a more equitable environmental future to everyone from the supposedly greedy capitalists. The latter is allegedly taking it from them by running successful, productive, job-creating companies.

And rather than seeking understanding and trying to solve problems, they look for quick, easy answers that sound good in a short ad spot or on a bumper sticker, the most number of voters, and look for quick and easy scapegoats to blame when their bright ideas inevitably fail and create even worse problems that government and politicians endlessly promise that they’ll solve forever.

California has been exclusively politically managed and controlled by the Democratic Party for a generation. That includes its land and water policies that have left such vast amounts of land in the Golden State so badly drought-stricken and dry, turning the state into a tinderbox for these wildfires to rage. After Gavin Newsom survived his recall election with no sweat, Joe Biden has a lot of gall coming to California blaming climate change for the wildfires.