Joe Biden Fails To Shut The Southern Border Even After ‘Omicron’ Covid Variant

According to Joe Biden, eight nations have been denied entry because of the new “omicron” COVID variation. Some of the implications are a little amusing. He was last seen advising against the shutdown of air travel by the so-called “expert” and “voice of science,” he praised. Joe is implying that Fauci’s expertise is limited to what is politically advantageous.

Israel, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, and Singapore are all taking steps to limit access from nations in Africa’s south. Upon their return from the region, several are instituting quarantines for their populations. The European Commission suggested that EU members “activate the emergency pause” on southern African travel on Friday. Joe is only interested in becoming part of the “in” crowd, although pandemic strains have traditionally been weaker than those before them.

Moreover, there have been 1.6 million unlawful “border contacts” so far this year, with tens of thousands more on the way. According to a new poll, most of the money goes to traffickers, with 92 percent arriving for economic reasons.

Although the Biden administration is formally fighting for it in court, the legislation is not enforced based on CDC advice. It includes African migrants, some of whom are from countries where the COVID omicron variation has been discovered. He has said nothing, much less done anything, to assure that every unlawful, unvetted border-crosser is deported.

Joe Biden’s travel restriction makes a mockery of his impending vaccination mandate for all legal border-crossers, as well as his recent suspension of legal flights from Africa. If there is a variation issue, all attempts to close the United States to outsiders will be ineffective. Illegal migrants would continue to arrive and be released, spreading the sickness throughout the country. What purpose do these shutdowns serve? Biden is hoping that people won’t notice. But they see, and what they see is that he isn’t serious about these travel limitations unless he takes decisive action to halt all illegal immigration, period.