Joe Biden: Electric Car Consumers Are Safe From Rising Gas Prices

According to the White House’s deputy press secretary, the advantage of high gas prices exceeds the downside in the long run. Joe Biden reaffirmed on Tuesday his belief that rising gas costs are part of a Leftist social engineering scheme. He argued that customers who purchase electric automobiles save money by not paying excessive gas rates.

In his State of the Union speech, Joe Biden addressed gas costs, saying, “Inflated gas prices are not attributable to environmental initiatives.” Joe, of course! How could anyone have thought that damaging America’s energy independence by canceling the Keystone Pipeline had anything to do with rising petrol prices? “I am not raising the price of gas or boosting its availability to tackle climate change,” he declared. “It’s what it’s doing: It’s boosting the number of job openings.”

Moreover, Electric automobiles, according to President Joe Biden, would save Americans up to $1,000 in gasoline expenditures this year while also creating employment in the energy industry. Solar panels, batteries, and electric heat pumps are all occupations that produce renewable energy. According to him, this will usher in a new era of wealth. Furthermore, adopting these technologies in each home where they are placed will save hundreds of dollars in annual energy bills.

According to President Joe Biden, from January to June 2021, over 291,000 electric automobiles were sold in the United States. Despite all of Biden’s environmental ranting, this is down from an average of 320,000 from 2018 to 2020. This year, a few hundred thousand people in a nation with a population of 333 million saved money on gasoline prices.

“The agony you experience at the pump or when your heating bill arrives every month is all part of Biden’s great scheme to promote Green Energy,” says David Rothkopf. America will become green, and those who cannot be persuaded freely by climate change panic will be compelled to do so by economic necessity. The Biden administration is not working in the best interests of the American people but rather in the best interests of globalists and socialists who want to eliminate the West as a global economic force.