Joe Biden Doesn’t Think Illegal Immigrants Should Be Deported

Despite its best efforts, the Biden administration is failing to con Americans into believing the southern border is secure. The border is so wide open that border states are having to reroute migrants to other communities just to avoid being completely overwhelmed by illegal immigration.

As this plays out, Democrats are trashing Republicans over migrants being dispatched to liberal cities. However, there was no outrage when Republican states on the border were the only ones dealing with this problem.

Amid growing problems on the border, Joe Biden is being questioned about why all this is happening on his watch. Suffice it to say, the answer from the president left much to be desired.

A Pitiful Response to the Nation’s Border Crisis
While at the White House this past Tuesday, Biden was questioned about why the border is so swamped on his watch.

The president, dodging accountability as usual, said the border is a “different circumstance.” He then proceeded to claim the nations of Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Cuba are what he’s responsible for managing. This is when Biden also deemed it irrational to have migrants from these countries return there.

Biden likewise defended his record on immigration, claiming on his watch, fewer migrants from Mexico and Central America are making their way to the states. The president declined to mention the historic overall rise of illegal immigration happening on his watch.

These remarks from the president come on the heels of his vice president receiving major and widespread criticism for falsely deeming the southern border as secure.

Irrational Policies in Biden’s America
While Biden claims it’s not reasonable to send illegal immigrants back to their own countries, Americans are being crushed by unlawful border crossings. It’s costing states like Arizona and Texas millions of dollars.

The Biden administration’s refusal to acknowledge the crisis at the southern border, let alone fix it, has also been deemed as irrational by many Americans. Last year, Vice President

Kamala Harris was instated as the point person to solve the border’s problems, but it’s only gotten worse.

Not only is Biden refusing to acknowledge or fix illegal immigration, but he’s also incentivizing it. The president will deny this. Though just earlier this month, one migrant went viral for telling a reporter the border is open and everyone knows it.