Joe Biden ‘Blames’ Americans Of Being So ‘Fixated’ On The Negative That They Fail To See The Positive

According to President Joe Biden, Americans are too focused on the bad aspects of the war to see how much better their lives are under his elderly puppet in the White House. He said it out loud, not simply to make people feel awful about what they’re paying for.

It’s no surprise that this guy’s ratings aren’t even in the toilet but are actually below it. Astonishingly bad psychological effect. And he blames COVID for it. It’s almost certainly a mix of everything his shambolic leadership has unleashed on this country and it’s not even his fault.

Moreover, COVID-19 cases are on the decline. Mask regulations are being phased out. The pandemic danger looming over Joe Biden’s administration appears to diminish for the first time in months. Biden isn’t preparing a victory speech as he prepares to deliver his first State of the Union Address, at least not yet.

He’ll probably brag about how far the United States has come, but he’ll also caution that the road back to normalcy will be difficult. “If you’re looking for a reason to pull off your masks, this isn’t it,” says one person acquainted with the plans.

Senior health authorities advised White House advisers not to declare the pandemic “finished,” emphasizing the risk of new strains. The government must demonstrate to Americans that it has a clear and thorough strategy to restore normalcy and a plan in place for when the next biological danger arrives.

President Joe Biden is determined not to repeat his choice last July to celebrate “virus independence.” Instead, the deadly Delta surge struck the United States some weeks later. In the six months that followed, the president’s popularity plummeted dramatically. It also compelled the administration to revise its plans for a pandemic response drastically.

However, while the White House attempts to maintain a reasonably calm approach to the pandemic fight, it is also aware that the political environment is altering. Biden now faces an immediate crisis in dealing with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the geopolitical and economic implications.

Biden is still expected to provide his most upbeat assessment of the epidemic before the Delta and Omicron varieties swept the country. Democrats may be disappointed by the government’s hesitation to announce the start of a post-pandemic period. They have lobbied for a decisive return to normalcy to save the party’s midterm prospects. Others are concerned that he may be squandering his finest opportunity to claim credit for his administration’s successes.