Joe Biden And Kamala Harris Are “A Sickness” For The Democratic Party

The Democratic Party has put itself into an impossible situation to get its nominees into the White House by any means necessary. However, it will be the most expensive win for a political party in history. There were 24 presidential aspirants at the 2020 Democratic primary season. As each was scrutinized, various disqualifying materials arose, and they were discarded one by one.

Despite her lack of professional achievements, Kamala Harris fit into two of the Democratic Party’s victimhood categories. Her lone “qualification” identification, a la identity politics, was the only one they cared about. Sanders is an outspoken socialist, but he didn’t stand a chance against Trump.

When a political party disregards merit, you get the Biden-Harris government. Competence and success were never considered by the party elite when choosing candidates. Identity politics were less prominent then, and Biden was excellent for another function that a running mate should play. Make sure you don’t outshine the individual at the front line.

Moreover, Former House Speaker John Boehner claims that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are inept, fumbling empty suits who have no idea what they’re doing. They are devoid of both beliefs and vision. Joe Biden has never been known for his stellar judgment, and now his dementia is compounding the problem. He adds that the marvelous thing that could be stated about Ms. Harris is that she does not have dementia.

The Democratic Party must get rid of Biden and Harris to survive. If both stay in power, the party will dissolve, taking many of its allies. Many leftist institutions will suffer, including the mainstream media, teachers’ unions, Black Lives Matter, climate alarmists, and universities. Their “leader” is the equivalent of the crazy uncle in the basement, only this time he’s in the White House.

Furthermore, the Biden-Harris Administration is cancer that will continue to grow and spread for another three years. Any moderate Democrat alternative, such as Tulsi Gabbard, would have no chance against the party’s avowedly far-left base. There isn’t a single Democrat politician who is a significant improvement over Biden or Harris. Political comorbidities afflict every Democrat on the bench.