Joe Biden And His Political Mutations has named “allyship” as its word for 2021. “Vaccine” was Merriam-2021 Webster’s Word of the Year, but I think “mutation” is a better option because it’s something Biden’s positions do more than COVID-19. In the context of the United States, Vice President Joe Biden appears to be a more adversarial ally to illegal immigrants. As an elected senator, he occasionally crossed the aisle in his younger days. Now that he’s in the White House, he’s become an unrepentant progressive partisan who doesn’t have the backing of the majority of Americans.

His presidential persona has changed from a reputed moderate dealmaker to a deranged Dem propagandist. Biden’s faulty policy aims have mutated into less virulent strains, just as viruses do to live (by not killing their hosts). Even while he initially advocated for constructing a “fence” along our southern border and the detention of employers that hire illegals, Biden has since changed his mind. President Trump may be siding with illegal, unvaccinated foreigners rather than American residents who must pay for their upkeep and bear the consequences of their actions. He has no regard for the hard-working border patrol officers who have been falsely accused of lashing unvaccinated immigrants from the backs of their horses.

Indeed, Biden’s policy shifts are notable, even among feckless, flip-flopping politicians. More than that, his subjective reality and selective memory have mutated into post-truth “truthiness,” which he believes to be more important than facts. According to his twisted reality, the absurd Build Back Better law will help keep inflation under control. After all, he claims it will cost him nothing. His bizarre avatar then leans into the microphone and whispers that employers should pay their staff more, which is just beyond offensive. Maybe Biden’s staff needs to start shutting him up as they did before.