Jeff Bezos Finally Responds On Amazon Warehouse Tragedy In Illinois Hours After Being Blasted For Silence

Following a tornado that struck Edwardsville, Illinois, an Amazon warehouse collapsed, resulting in the deaths of six people. Late Saturday night, Jeff Bezos commented on the warehouse tragedy in Illinois that occurred on Friday night, just hours after social media chastised him for being silent on the matter. After 9 p.m. ET, Bezos sent a message on Twitter, expressing condolences and sorrow for those who had lost friends and family members in the disaster.

The Amazon CEO attempted to reassure everyone in Edwardsville that the company’s team had their backs and would be there for them in the aftermath of the disaster. Thank you to all outstanding first responders who worked tirelessly on the scene. Edwardsville Police Chief James Whiteford said, “at least six people were killed when an Amazon warehouse fell in Edwardsville, just over the Mississippi River from St. Louis.”

Storms in five states, including Arkansas, Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Missouri, resulted in the deaths of at least a dozen persons each. On the other hand, when Bezos used social media to express his delight at the successful landing of another of his space tourist trips, he did not mention the loss of his employees. Others expressed concern over Bezos’ recklessness on his social media platform, despite the mission being enthusiastically praised. Many more resorted to social media to express their displeasure with the situation.