“Jaw-Dropping” Documents Expose The “Big Lie” Behind Donald Trump’s Ukraine Impeachment

In 2020, President Trump requested that Ukraine look into whether President Joe Biden used federal funds to pressure a Ukrainian prosecutor to resign. Democrats accused Trump of participating in illegal “quid pro quo” transactions and moved to impeach him. It has now been shown that Biden lied when he stated he needed to terminate a “corrupt” prosecutor.

Viktor Shokin, Ukraine’s Prosecutor General, was investigating Burisma Holdings in 2016. Hunter Biden, whose father was then Obama’s vice president, was on the board of directors and earning $83,000 every month. Hunter didn’t speak a word of Ukrainian and did not know the country or the oil and gas industry.

Moreover, Joe Biden was caught on tape bragging about pressuring Ukraine’s leadership to fire Shokin for international aid money. Shokin was a plush animal that sat on the board of a tainted corporation. Biden was threatening to withdraw taxpayer money from Ukraine to get rid of Shokin at the same time.

Trump requested Zelensky to investigate whether there was any wrongdoing in the termination of Biden and Shokin. Biden argued that his actions were in no way improper. He said he was enforcing the Obama Administration’s “official policy” in Ukraine of weeding out corruption.

According to documents found by Just The News and the Southeastern Legal Foundation, this is a flat-out falsehood. Nuland, who is now Biden’s undersecretary of state, lied to the Senate under oath about her and other State Department officials’ dissatisfaction with Shokin’s performance.

When it came to Donald Trump’s call for an inquiry into suspected corruption in the United States, Joe Biden lied about requesting Ukraine to look into it. It was a daring, calculated deception aimed not just to conceal his criminality but also to destabilize the re-election campaigning President. It is hard to believe anyone, including Andrew Johnson and Warren G. Harding, has ever been as openly crooked as Biden.