Jack Dorsey Defends Twitter’s Challenges Amid Controversial View Limits

In a recent development to the ongoing controversy surrounding the “view limits” imposed on tweets, Twitter former CEO Jack Dorsey has shared his perspective on the matter. 

The move, announced by Elon Musk, has left social media users in several countries confused and frustrated. However, Dorsey, who co-founded Twitter, said he understands the challenges associated with running the platform having being in those shoes before.

In a recent tweet, Dorsey acknowledged the difficulties of managing Twitter, stating, “Running Twitter is hard. I don’t wish that stress upon anyone.” 

Pointing to the human tendency to critique decisions from a distance, Dorsey expressed confidence in the Twitter team, acknowledging the immense constraints they face. He added, “I trust that the team is doing their best under the constraints they have, which are immense. I know the goal is to see Twitter thrive. It will.”

Expressing empathy for the challenges of managing Twitter, Dorsey acknowledged the difficulties associated with running such a massive platform. “Running Twitter is hard,” he stated in a tweet.

“I don’t wish that stress upon anyone. I trust that the team is doing their best under the constraints they have, which are immense,” he added.

Recognizing that critiquing decisions from a distance is an easy position to take, Dorsey expressed confidence in Twitter’s future, asserting, “I know the goal is to see Twitter thrive. It will.”

Dorsey also suggested the use of open protocols, adding that leveraging such software infrastructures could potentially alleviate some of the challenges faced in managing the platform. 

“And I do hope they consider building on truly censorship-resistant open protocols like bitcoin and nostr to help ease that burden. Good for all, and critical to preserve the open internet.”

The controversy initially erupted on Saturday when Musk implemented limits on the number of tweets users can read each day. Verified users and those subscribed to Twitter Blue can access up to 6000 posts per day, while unverified users are restricted to 600 posts per day, and new unverified users are further limited to 300 posts per day, according to a tweet from the Twitter CEO. 

By the end of the day, he had revised the limits to 10,000 for verified and subscribing users, 1,000 for unverified users, and 500 for new users.

While Musk explained that these limits were necessary to combat excessive data scraping and system manipulation, the move sparked criticism from numerous users who voiced their frustration. 

In response, some individuals have begun exploring alternative social media platforms as potential alternatives, including Former President Donald Trump’s Truth Social, Meta’s newly rolled-out Threads and Bluesky Social, on whose board Dorsey sits.