It’s “Time To Resist” For The Sake Of Your Children And Your Way Of Life

“They’ll preserve for children this, man’s last best chance on earth, or they’ll condemn them to take the last final step into a thousand years of darkness,” Ronald Reagan stated in his 1964 presidential campaign address, “A Time for Choosing.”

America has gone from a flourishing economy to near-recession economic conditions and bare store shelves in the previous few years. Businesses that made it through the rigorous COVID-19 lockdowns are now understaffed and battling to stay open.

Moreover, children are denied an education and forced to hide their identities, which delays their academic development, causes anxiety, and stunts their emotional development. Jimmy Carter predicted a “crisis of trust” in the government, economy, and media in 1979. His idea was to advise Americans to “put on a sweater” and modify their ways to better the country.

Masks and vaccinations will be the new sweaters in 2021, and it will be their patriotic duty to cover their faces and take the shot. Science is damned. It is not a healthy way to live. And they are pleading with them not to take any unnecessary journeys for their good and the sake of their country’s security. Every act of energy saving, such as this, is more than plain sense. It is an act of patriotism.

Furthermore, over the last year, they’ve witnessed courageous Americans defy regulations. On the other hand, tyrants like New York Governor Kathy Hochul are not backing down. They provide every sign that the new normal will be a long-term situation. He believes that if they aren’t cautious, the United States will end up on the “ant heap of tyranny,” as Reagan predicted. It’s simple for people to throw their hands up in the air and declare that it’s too complicated and that they’re afraid of fighting. However, resist the temptation to give up. We owe it to our children to leave them a sane world after we’re gone.