It Took Just 7 Months For Biden To Sink His Brag That ‘Diplomacy Is Back Completely’

When Biden took charge of the Presidential office almost seven months ago, he bragged that diplomacy was back. This claim of his did not run strong for long as his time in office carried on. The United States’ economic and social standing has steadily deteriorated during the last seven months.

During Biden’s campaign in 2019, he addressed the American citizens to vote for him so that America will be respected globally. But we all know how much respect America is getting amid the Afghanistan crisis. Becket Adams from Washington Examiner had a perfect way to bring the reality to the front by lining up Biden’s tweet that stated diplomacy is back with a news headline that said parliament held Biden in contempt.

The Afghanistan debacle is in front of us, and there’s no denying that Biden played a subordinate role in the whole situation. Still, most importantly, his disgraceful failure in Afghanistan and lack of response has threatened America’s good neighborly relations with the UK. The UK has been one of the key NATO allies in the military occupation of Afghanistan by the US, but the UK military was kept in the dark about the withdrawal pace and timing. Moreover, Biden ignored the UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s attempts to speak on the phone for over 36 hours. The lack of interest on the US’s end to communicate the troop’s withdrawal time and pace to the UK commanders, who also played a crucial role in negotiations between the US and Taliban, has sparked anger in the British government towards Biden.

The whole Afghanistan situation is a significant failure on Biden’s end. Many US allies have struggled to understand the logic behind Biden’s ill-planned decision of military withdrawal, endangering the lives of thousands of US citizens in Afghanistan.