Is The Biden Administration’s Demise Greatly Exaggerated?

Today, several prominent right-wing Biden critics have penned compelling essays detailing Joe Biden’s issues and why the government is collapsing. A former PJ Media writer, Roger Kimball, wrote to Spectator USA, stating that the Biden administration is a “raging disaster.” People were continually told that with the election of Joe Biden, the ‘adults’ had returned, America had returned, as well as ‘normalcy’ had returned.’

NRO Jim Geraghty stated that a floundering president is a floundering president. Moreover, a politician enters an office with an enormous and sometimes inflated view of his talent for persuasion. However, the gulf between Joe Biden’s ideal administration and his actual presidency continues to grow wider each week. The primary concern here is that if Joe Biden is already on the verge of failure? As well as, isn’t it past time for Biden to pivot?

In a nutshell, the answer is “no.” The Biden Disaster was planned for 50 years. It began with leftists condemning the US for global problems: war, hunger, illness, and racism. Later, homophobia was included. Throughout his political career, Biden absorbed but rejected much liberal criticism. In the 1970s and 1980s, he was a pro-business, pro-military, anti-busing politician.

He recognized that the Democratic Party’s ascension requires clinging to the far left. Even in the 1990s, the Democratic Party’s course was well established. Biden shifted to the left in lockstep with the party. In 2008, he ran against the one person capable of defeating him: Barack Obama, a black senator from Illinois. In 2016, radicals seized the complete grip of Hillary Clinton. However, the 2020 Democratic primaries marked the final stand of the “mainstream.” Mainstream Democrats in the South and Midwest were unwilling to accept Bernie Sanders, whom Trump destroyed. They want victory. For at least four years, they chose Joe Biden, the dull grandfather.

Joe Biden is already a presidential failure due to the ideology he represents lack of touch on reality. Individuals do not behave under extreme orthodoxy. They are not motivated by what radicals believe should be the case. Radicals are unaware of the desires of working-class Americans. It is incomprehensible to them. Males of white, middle-class origin are foreigners. Radicals are oblivious to middle-class ideals and voters.

The majority of Americans do not get up each day to oppress blacks, women, or other minorities. The majority of citizens of the US are oblivious to race. Americans have assumptions and prejudices and are far too quick to pass judgment. However, to blame America’s and the world’s problems on white, heterosexual, capitalist males and offer solutions based on conquering imaginary opponents is a prescription for catastrophe. Therefore, Joe Biden is powerless in that regard.