Iran Is Threatening To Light Israel On Fire

An Iranian threat to set fire to Israel on Sunday was the latest in an increasingly violent proxy battle with Israel. “Just try and see,” said the Iranian government-controlled Twitter account that posted a match-made Israel. According to the statement, Iran’s hardline government warns of war if Israel targets Iran’s nuclear facilities. The graphic clearly shows Iran’s intent to use its enormous arsenal of long-range missiles to attack Israeli locations across the nation. Iran’s nuclear program, particularly uranium enrichment, is reaching unprecedented levels, posing a concern. Iran may soon have a robust ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear bomb.

Israel, which has been in talks with the Biden Administration for months, is concerned about Iran’s nuclear development. The Israeli government opposes the discussions, fearing that the Biden Administration allows Tehran to research nuclear weapons. The US has already signaled that it is willing to withdraw sanctions against Iran in exchange for specific concessions on its nuclear program.

During discussions, Iran and Israel have been fighting a proxy war. Forcing Israel to defend itself, Tehran utilizes drones and other weapons to attack Israeli objectives. Israel has reacted against these terrorist groups by sabotaging Iranian infrastructure.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, an Israeli military, intelligence, and security agency advised the Biden Administration earlier this week that engaging Tehran “poses a major threat to Israel’s security.”

“Returning to this expired and defective pact would be a tremendous blunder,” commanders warned. Iran wants to construct a “nuclear umbrella” to govern the area. Republican senators also urge the Biden Administration to quit talks and reimpose severe sanctions on Iran to stop its nuclear progress. This week, former Republican officials warned the Biden State Department that Iran is stepping up its terrorist efforts while negotiations drag on.