Iran Is Responsible For Drone Attack On US Base In Syria

Officials claim that while the five drones were not launched from Iran, their deployment was supported by the hardline regime. The Al-Tanf garrison, a joint US-Syrian opposition military stronghold, was the target of the strike. No one from the United States was harmed or killed in the incident last week.

The drone strike occurs as the Biden administration attempts to renegotiate the Iran nuclear accord. As tensions between the US and Iran increase, the administration claimed the deal is at a “critical juncture.” The Pentagon describes the strike as “complex, organized, and planned” but no additional specifics. A spokeswoman did not mention the possibility of a military reaction to the strike.

“The secretary’s top priority continues to be the protection and security of our personnel overseas,” Kirby said. “If there is to be a reaction, it will be at a time, a place, and in a way that they determine, and they will not anticipate such decisions.” The Al-Tanf garrison is located near the Iraq-Iran border. It is located on a route that connects Iran and Israel and is used by Iran-backed soldiers.

According to a US official, Iran is suspected of being behind the strike on Al-Tanf in southern Syria last week. According to a spokeswoman for Central Command, the strike was “planned and orchestrated.” There were no casualties among the American forces stationed at the outpost.

According to the reports, around 200 American military personnel are stationed at Al-Tanf, Syria, held by Syrian rebel forces. As part of Operation Inherent Resolve, American forces advise and train the Syrian opposition. The Biden administration has been attempting to persuade Iran to resume nuclear talks. Milley claims that diplomatic efforts are at a “critical juncture.”

The most recent Iranian strike on US soldiers occurred in January 2020, when Iran fired six missiles against Iraq’s Al-Asad airbase. Although no one was killed, the blasts caused more than 100 others to suffer traumatic brain injuries. That incident in retaliation for a drone strike near Baghdad airport earlier that month killed Iran’s Quds Force leader, Qassem Soleimani.