Within The Seattle Mayor’s Race, The Individuals Chose ‘More Police’ Over ‘More Woke’

Even the woke were crying for some normality after years of Antifa devastation, rioting, and CHAZ/CHOP violence that Mayor Jenny “summer of Love” Durkan disregarded chants of “Defund the Police,” and chronic crime and homelessness. It was another unexpected election result that went unnoticed. Seattle is one of the awoken cities, with residents voting for progressive policies and leaders.

Jenny Durkan, the Mayor of Seattle, announced that she would not seek re-election. The City of Seattle, no doubt, heaved a sigh of relief. Bruce Harrell and Lorena Gonzalez, both former members of the Seattle City Council, have applied for the position. After the ballots were tabulated on Tuesday, Harrell will likely be Seattle’s next mayor, with a 65 percent to 35 percent lead.

Moreover, Former Seattle City Council President Bruce Harrell has defeated current council President Lorena Gonzalez in the campaign for mayor of Seattle. Following a second ballot count on Nov. 3, Harrell maintained his lead with 64 percent of the vote. The mayor of Seattle is in charge of ensuring that the city’s laws are followed and managing and overseeing local administration.

In an attempt to revive the city’s economy, Harrell campaigned on a platform of making the government more responsible and focusing on small and minority-owned companies. Harrell discusses getting the homeless off the streets (clutch the pearls) into housing in the video above. Harrell opposes defunding the cops! There should be no pressure to cut their numbers or cut funding for their job.

Gonzalez, not Harrell, was elected as Seattle’s next mayor, based on a wish list of initiatives and policies targeted toward large programs and even larger expenditures. Voters indicated their desire for a mayor who would move away from previous Mayor Ed Murray’s “activist, ideological” style, which was booted last year.

She was waiting for some of those union ballot fixers to assist her out, like a regular Leftist. “We treat all votes equally, regardless of when they were cast,” Gonzalez added. It may have aided the election of New Jersey Governor Phil “Bill of Wrongs” Murphy, but it had little impact on the Democrats’ national agenda.