In Politics You Can Never ‘Take The Blame’ And ‘Admit Your Mistakes’

It was good that George Soros’ prosecutors came together to celebrate the end of the bail. But the media had some tough questions. A year with an upsurge in killings, especially in Democratic cities. Why are these prosecutors cheering no-bail amid a crime epidemic? A drugged-out petty thief died of a heroin overdose while evading capture. Biden condemns a boy who shot two protesters in self-defense.

The New York Times is pushing a new slave-state origin story. Even Greek millionaire Taki was perplexed. Assume today’s most populous city in a European country is tasked with “reinterpreting” its past. However, what’s going on now? In sum, the left’s over/under politics of blaming the middle class for everything wrong with the underclass while blaming the government for every problem has failed. Leftist politics has made things worse. Still, the liberal allies reject it.

Black males conduct more than half of all killings in the United States, not white supremacy. Because of liberal political philosophy, blacks can’t achieve anything. Over and under, politics has failed to promote black middle-class ambitions. Math is not racist because black pupils in inner-city public schools score poorly in math. Schools, inner-city black families, and fatherless kids are all to blame because an educated elite administration wastes time.

A politician should retire when they admit a mistake because politics mobilize their supporters against external danger. Nothing in politics without a rival. Neville Chamberlain, if you aren’t leading your men in battle, you should step down. Despite the Civil Rights Act having been in effect for over 50 years, the political establishment refuses to admit its failure.

In politics, “we” are never to blame for anything. The adversary is always there even if they know that an adversary is out there and plans to kill people and rape the women, “once again unto the breach” that is the only thing that matters.