‘Imbecilic’: Ex-UK Leader Tony Blair Slams Afghan Withdrawal

UK’s ex-Prime Minister Tony Bair had a lot to say about the withdrawal from Afghanistan. He remained the Prime Minister representing the Labor Party from 1997 to 2007. He disseminated the UK military towards Afghanistan in 2001 after the 911 incident and also saw the 2003 Iraq invasion by the US.

His entire statement for the chaos in Afghanistan is available on his website, but it’s crux has Blair blaming the Biden administration for the poorly executed withdrawal. He called the retreat more political rather than strategic. He said that the sudden and chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan followed by a power shift to the Taliban in Afghanistan had undermined everything achieved for the past two decades. That majorly includes standards of living and education for girls. Moreover, the Taliban takeover in the country is good news for all the jihadist groups worldwide.

Blair declared the Afghanistan withdrawal as an unnecessary and dangerous move as thousands of US, UK, and Afghan ally citizens are under the threat of execution by the Taliban militants. He also slammed Biden as an absent leader indulged in personal gains and has justified the withdrawal as ending the Forever’s war as if the commitments today are the same as a decade ago.

Nevertheless, Blair himself could not restore his reputation after backing the US in the Iraq war, defending it as a search to find weapons of mass destruction that were never cited. The whole invasion turned out to be a colossal failure. Yet, he commented that the US should not withdraw from Afghanistan until all the trapped citizens, including Afghan allies, are evacuated. Still, the deadline for withdrawal is 31st August is lingering upon the troops, which makes the situation grim for the citizens trapped there.

Furthermore, Blair added that the American government’s decision to keep the UK in the dark about the withdrawal strategy and plan could be a massive setback in the two country’s political relations. He also suggested a need to form policies and sanctions to protect the civilians in Afghanistan and portray to the Taliban that their actions will have consequences.