Illegal Immigrants May Soon Get Identification Cards

Since Joe Biden got into office, rates of illegal immigration have soared to historic heights. This is a reality confirmed by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Although DHS secretary Alejandro Mayorkas also insists the Biden administration is doing a bang-up job on the southern border.

Republicans continue to warn that Biden’s immigration policies are incentivizing migrants to come to the border and seek illegal entry. Nevertheless, the president and his administration are still ripping away at Trump-era immigration policies.

Unfortunately, Americans shouldn’t count on illegal immigration dying down anytime soon. Biden is reportedly thinking over a new policy to benefit people who unlawfully enter the country.

ID Cards for Illegals?
Days ago, Axios revealed the Biden administration is examining a new immigration policy. This policy would give “temporary” ID cards to migrants with pending cases in America.

Reportedly, the idea behind this is to ensure illegal immigrants are able to get benefits (courtesy of the US taxpayer) once they’ve been given the all-clear to enter America.

Government officials likewise note that Biden’s ideal timeframe for implementing this policy would be in September. Naturally, the administration wants to get it all settled before the midterm elections arrive.

With ID cards, illegal immigrants would have an easier time not only getting benefits, but also flying on US airplanes.

This new policy is under consideration as left-wing immigration advocates press Biden to do away with Title 42 and ultimately give illegal immigrants a pathway to US citizenship.

An About-Face on ID Cards?
For quite some time, the Biden administration and its supporters have insisted that ID card requirements are a form of racism. In fact, multiple Democratic officials have gone on record comparing voter ID requirements to Jim Crow laws.

However, on the matter of ID cards for illegal immigrants to get government benefits and flying privileges, there’s been no outcry from the political left.

Republicans, on the other hand, are sounding the alarm about the many ways giving illegal immigrants ID cards could go wrong.

One clear example deals with voter fraud and the door this would open for illegal immigrants to potentially vote in US elections. The timing of this policy being considered ahead of the November midterms also can’t be missed.