Illegal Alien Convicted Of Brutal Murder Of Legal Immigrant

An illegal alien released from ICE custody in 2012 has been found guilty of first-degree murder for the brutal beheading of  America Mafalda Thayer, a 55-year-old legal immigrant from Cuba who was his girlfriend at the time.

Alexis Saborit-Viltres, a 42-year-old illegal immigrant from Cuba, committed the heinous crime with a machete in July 2021, admittedly because he felt she crossed a line by trying to break up with him.

According to court records, police discovered Thayer’s lifeless body next to her bloodstained car, with the doors left open. Not far from the scene, investigators found a sheath for a machete-style knife. Additional evidence, including a knife, shirt, and bloody shoes, was recovered from a recycling bin a few blocks away.

Eyewitness testimonies further corroborated the brutal nature of the crime, revealing that Saborit-Viltres was driving the car with Thayer when he abruptly stopped, approached the passenger side, and began wielding the machete in a savage manner.

One witness, who was driving behind Thayer’s car, reported seeing Saborit-Viltres behind the wheel making a hitting motion before throwing an object into a yard. The same witness observed him dragging what appeared to be a lifeless body out of the vehicle. 

Another witness captured a video showing him pulling Thayer from the car onto the street and subsequently holding her severed head by the hair.

The verdict delivered by Scott County District Judge Caroline Lennon left no doubt about Saborit-Viltres’ premeditated and deliberate actions. Judge Lennon stated that “the court finds beyond a reasonable doubt that [the] defendant acted with premeditation,” highlighting the fact that Saborit-Viltres intentionally abandoned a dumbbell and chose to use a machete.

With the conviction for first-degree murder, Saborit-Viltres now faces a life sentence, a punishment sought by Charles, Thayer’s 42-year-old son. “My mom never deserved to have this happen in the first place. This monster deserves to be put away for life,” he said to the Star Tribune.

What adds to the gravity of this case is the fact that Saborit-Viltres should have been deported a decade ago after he illegally entered the U.S. in 2007. However, due to the inability of ICE agents to obtain travel documents, he was released from custody in 2012, under an order of supervision.

He also had a long criminal history before the murder, including first-degree arson and domestic violence.