‘I Can’t Stop Laughing’: Kamala Harris Appears To Have Been Slightly Over-Coached On Favorability

Kamala Harris might as well be awarded the most clueless VP of all time. Last month, it was reported that the VPs’ office was planning an attempt to help Kamala Harris in public relations and favorability by expanding their list of senior advisors.

A space policy group resurrected under Trump is now running out of the Biden Administration’s policies, and Kamala Harris has been chosen to lead the council. However, she intends to operate the committee under her stamp, proposing a wide variety of space policies. While she and the senior administration members may have some outstanding policies to offer, Kamala also sat down with the students of the council, who asked her a few questions about her growing up and some good life advice.

But it seems the new team of advisors may have overdone themselves a little too much. A new video of Kamala having surfaced on NASA’s YouTube with her talking to the students about the space council. If you look at the video, it was nothing but Kamala pretending to know about the space and trying to fit in like a teenager. Actually, no, she was talking to them like they were a bunch of kids, and worse, the students were also trying to make her agreeable, and the whole video was too hilarious and embarrassing. 

Talking to the students at the space council like they’re a bunch of clueless kids is not a good idea. Being there at an institution like NASA is a pretty big deal. The students there knew a lot more than Kamala did, who is supposedly leading the council there but barely knows any space-related facts. She was filmed to be continuously amazed at all the tech there and the staff’s basic facts she was enlightened with. In her defense, the entire administration is conditioned to address the people like they are clueless idiots.